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China & South Optical Crystal (CSOC) is the first manufacturer of optical glass products in Hong Kong.

It was in 1972 when CSOC was established and became a milestone in the history of optical production in Hong Kong. CSOC was the first factory that engaged in the production of watch glasses in Hong Kong, whilst gradually improving and extending to all fields, turning into a professional manufacturer of optical glass products. Through continuous exploration and development, CSOC expanded out of Hong Kong and established a number of new companies in Shenzhen and the Jiangsu province. CSOC has developed now into becoming a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in the production of optical sapphire windows and optical glasses through a step by step process.

Long-standing experience

As a company with now more than 45 years experience, we transformed from producing a single product to offering a wide range of products and services, through continuously updating our facilities and recruiting talented members. We are able to provide big and small services to our customers and also able to offer customized service. With the customized service, we will assist our customers starting from the initial design with our manufacturing knowledge and highly qualified employees who endeavor to fulfill the various requirements of our clients.

Single Product: Watch Glasses

A Wide Range of Products: 

Flat Windows, Stepped Widows, Wedged Windows;

Rods; Prisms; Balls;

Machnical Components;

Spherical Lenses;

Sight Windows

Small or Big Series:

Production Capability > 200K Per Month

Customized Service:

Provide Suggestion from Prototype/Initial Design Stage


In the course of its development, our company was devoted to the accumulation of experience and innovation, attempting to make our products more rational and applicable. In the course of its practice, our company did not give up any chances of changing and improving ourselves. All in order to become one of the primary producers of this optical field. This was accomplished through the use of the world-class manufacturing machines and professional measuring instruments. 




Why us

Quality First

We believe that the quality of our products is one of the most crucial factors to our customers. We own a quality control laboratory where equipped with a full set of measuring equipment (you may check more information on Quality Control section on our website) to ensure the quality of our products. Our inspectors are fully skilled and experienced in the use of these measuring equipments as well.

Customized and Cost-effective Solution

• CSOC is not offering catalogue parts but offering parts according to every customer's own specifications, drawings or special requirements including but not limited to coating, metallization, bore holes etc. and even support you from prototype stage if necessary.

• We are capable of supplying both small series (>=1pc) and large quantities (200K per month) aiming to meet different customer's needs.

• We understand that budget control is another crucial factor to our customers. Therefore we are willing and happy to suggest and support our customers from the selection of the optimum raw material to economic mass production method from a cost-benefit point of view.

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